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Luxury Bedding

Bold, elegant, remarkable.

Exquisite Design

In every detail, we celebrate nobleness.

Our Craftsmanship

Celebrating over 40 years of luxury.

For a Meaningful Home. With a Timeless Glamour.

Luxury Bedding with 100% of the smoothest and silkiest cotton, where centuries of the famed Portuguese craftsmanship shine through with the most wonderful designs and techniques.

In collaboration with a renowned local artist, the Flagship collection was created to celebrate conquests, traditions and cultural roots.

The delicate Napoleonic embroidery provides a luxury signature of smooth and silky yarn, offering extra light, freshness and contrast.

The 600 thread count satin finish duvet cover is 100% made of the highest quality of cotton to feel divine and soft to the skin.

Advanced techniques of height and thickness.

Refined over decades, we intertwine different blue tones and density to provide a natural contrast and richness to the complexity of this design in Jacquard.

Flagship Collection

Sumptuous and elegant details.

The napoleonic embroideries effortlessly complement any bedding design. They feature a lustrous cotton sateen that blends luxuriously with the yarn-dyed silk hand finished embroideries.

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Because it's all in details

Create your own luxury signature

Add some elegance and exclusivity to your own linens, choosing features such as monograms and special embroideries.

Personalize Your own Bedding

Monogramming Service

For sheet sets, pillows and cushions.

Welcome to Modular

A unique layout with a striking design

Create something new

Make your bedding truly unique and personal

Develop capsule collections or partner with a fine artist to create an artistic private collection for your home or interior projects with artsy luxury linens.

For Interior Designers and Exclusive Collections

Bespoke Service

Create Artsy Luxury Linens.

Welcome to Modular

A unique layout with a striking design

Shall we take it to the next level?

Create unforgettable memories with moments of luxury

Order customised gifts for your loved ones, with a special handmade jewel. For weddings, anniversaries and special occasions.

Handmade & Personal Jewels

Luxury Gift Service

To celebrate the most special moments.

Welcome to Modular

A unique layout with a striking design

From Portugal

Where dreams are woven.

Portugal has traditionally been the choice for luxury linen manufacture, with centuries of dedicated artisanship and master craftsmen. At Vidda Royalle, we provide the most unique luxurious bedding, beautifully combining artistic creativity, history and traditions.

Where Local Art Meets Luxury

We embody art and heritage.

Our dedicated artisans, craftsmen, artists and designers create a luxurious bedding to inspire you, right from the beginning.

We believe we can make a difference.

We collaborate with ONGs to help, support, and give back.

For this Mother's day - for each set you buy, we donate one.

Unique Luxury Gifts

Create unforgettable moments with remarkable gifts.

Exclusivity for Special Occasions

Enjoy extra exclusivity with our bespoke services.

Worldwide Limited Editions

Each Collection. Each meaningful story.


Our Craftsmanship

We come from the 3rd generation of a family milling firm, producing the finest quality fabrics for the most prestigious homes since 1979.

Our Services

From personalised gifts to bespoke bedding.


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