Vidda Royalle's Luxury Service

You may commission a luxury artwork from our artists to paint a portrait for your home or hotel hall and develop with us a full coordination of bedding sets, spa linens, with matching jacquard designs, monograms and embroideries.

The Personalized Artwork

Sizes, colours and design is entirely customized to match your needs and desires. Pedro Guimarães is a world-renowned artist, and he collaborates with us as one of our local artists from Guimarães. He has been commissioned by royale families, heads of states and major celebrities.

Work closely with us.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey full of exclusivity, art, luxury and glamour.

About Pedro Guimarães

Pedro Guimarães is a Contemporary Artist Plastic that enjoy this creative freedom, using a range of resources and materials. The possibilities are endless, and the paths are many. Pedro Guimarães works with concepts and attitudes. We can find in his works figurative and abstract art and the contrast between both. It is characteristic in his work the originality and the desire to amaze. The rebellion and boldness of this Portuguese artist is evident in the desire to broaden the definition of art, looking for the junction of materials and techniques ever used.

We start with a personal meeting

Pedro is very experienced in understanding the concept you're looking for, capturing your best dreams, ideas, taste and wishes. He then starts working on the concept of your artwork and, simultaneously, we bring the same energy, dedication and luxury experience into the creation of your linens collection (from small orders - like a single home order, to big contracts - like hotel orders).

Stimulation of the Senses

In the creative universe of Pedro Guimarães are diverse influences – painting, pop, graffiti, portrait and holografia- that result in a product equally intense and innovative.

“His work stands out for the double challenge of representing it at the highest level of demand and achieve the look of one who observes challenging the stimulation of the senses.”

Let the artist do his magic

It's your story... Perceived by an Artist.

We take care of the rest.

Spa linens, bedding sets, decoration elements. We present a full portfolio of personalized designs to match your artwork.


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