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Meet the Artist

by Vidda Royalle |

Pedro Guimarães is a Plastic Artist from our hometown, Guimarães (Portugal). He produces international works of art for private collections all over the world: Nigeria, Sweden, Holland, USA, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, Angola, Porto Rico and Lebanon. He has been commissioned to create wonderful works of art for prestigious homes and personalities.

Like Vidda Royalle, he works with concepts and attitudes. In his works, we can find a mix of figurative and abstract elements and, sometimes, the contrast between them. The originality, boldness and audacity are evident with the pursuit of unprecedented combination of innovative techniques and materials.

He couldn't combine more with our personality. For this reason, he's the first local artist that represents luxury, art and talent, and has already partnered with us to co-create the Flagship design, mixing elements of royalty, castles and palaces with his enormous talent.