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Our Philanthropy Mission

by Vidda Royalle |

Feeling inspired with the approach of the Mother's Day, we thought about all the places where children are not with their mothers. And even with the tiniest gesture, we believe we can make a difference to those children. 

So we reached out to Foundations and ONGs to see how we can help. To this day, our hearts are being touched with all the overwhelming stories, smiles and surprising openness for projects and field missions. From the beginning, we have been trying to be as much transparent, humanitarian, sustainable and ethical as we can be. Vidda Royalle connects luxury and modernity to philanthropy and care. That's how we believe new brands should design themselves to thrive in a world that needs positivity, change and love.

 So, in march of 2021, we will be making humanitarian partnerships around the globe. We want to support communities need and help them to stay warm, healthy, clean and comfortable. And the goodness in their hearts inspires our movement.

For this Mother's Day, we will be donating blankets, sheet sets and duvet covers for each Luxury Bedding Set that is sold. Join us and help us helping them end human suffering and restore peace in their hearts. More news about this partnership will be released very soon.

You will be receiving a personal Thank You note for doing the good thing for the planet. 

Click here to see our suggestions and how you can add a beautiful postcard with your message for your mother and monogram the sheet sets with your family's name.

Happy Mother's Day! Sending love to all mothers, mothers by heart and their loving children.