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Luxury on demand

Our Bepsoke Service

Our bespoke service allows you to create something new with us, and you can develop capsule collections or partner with a fine artist to create an artistic private collection for your client with artsy luxury linens.

Request Our Bespoke Catalogue

Our Bespoke Catalogue suggests a few designs where you can get inspiration from to create your own, and then we take you through a Conceptual Process where you can decide, change and approve your desired patterns and designs, materials and qualities, colour scheme, coordination design and all high-end details.

Get Inspired With Our Linens

Our catalogue is constantly being updated with more innovative designs and latest trends. It also contains special conditions for our retailers, boutiques, and partners.

Get inspired with our linens and order from our available designs. We suggest a few designs that can be the basis, the inspiration, upon which we can make some changes in our Conceptual Process so that you can decide on those elements and approve the final design.

Bespoke Service

How It Works

If you want to create something with us, create your own design and collection, we offer three types of bespoke services to match your expectations.

Customization Service

The Customization Service is where you get inspired by one of our available designs from our Bespoke Catalogue, and you approve or make changes to the colours scheme, patterns and designs, details, materials and quality until it fits your wishes.

Creation Service

The Creation Service is where you create something from scratch with us, with no reference to our Bespoke Catalogue. Here, you can send us your inspiration or design, and our team of designers will create a beautiful textile design from your ideas.

Artistic Service

The Artistic Service is where you create a collection with a fine artist, and you receive the original artwork from our artist in the end.

Contact Us Privately

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Please contact us at and we'll guide you through the whole process. Together, let's make unique creations.