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Luxury on demand

Our Service

We specialise in luxury bedding, where centuries of the famed Portuguese craftsmanship shine through with the most wonderful designs and techniques. We collaborate with artists and designers to bring meaning, art and talent into each one of our collections. Our quality standard starts with 600 Thread Counts to ensure the softest texture and freshest touch across all our linens.

Our Bespoke Catalogue

We have a Bespoke Catalogue with suggestions of designs that can be ordered for production. We offer customisation options that can be added up to those designs, from a variety of colours, to patterns and textures, to elegant monograms and beautiful embroideries.

Get inspired with our linens

Our catalogue also contains special conditions for our retailers, boutiques, and partners.

Get inspired with our linens and order from our available designs. You can personalize with monograms and add special embroideries to different sized shams, or choose different yarn colours.

You can also order as is. Simple as that.

Create your own design

We can also co-create with our clients a fully personalised experience, going through the whole process of creation, designing and producing the collection. We have an open-arms policy to welcome artists, designers, stylists and clients to work directly in the field, whenever possible. You can send us your design, or your inspiration (from a picture, a flower, a landscape), and our internal team of designers who will gladly present you their suggestion to meet the luxury standards. You can also order an artistic design from one of our artists. We will beautifully transform that design into luxury bedding.

You can add our luxury service

To celebrate the most special moments, we also offer Luxury Gifts that can include luxurious bedding, decoration, jewellery (gold pendants and cufflinks) and wall paintings, communicating the same personality, meaning and design, in partnership with the most talented artists. We can make any wish come true and this is a highly personal service.

Contact Us Privately

How the Bespoke Service Works

Please contact us at and we'll guide you through the whole creation process, from design and development, prototyping and approval to final production. Together, let's make unique creations.