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Night after night

Welcome to Vidda Royalle

We come from the third generation of a family milling firm, producing the finest quality fabrics for the most prestigious brands since 1979. We specialise in the most beautiful Jacquard techniques, with our quality, expertise and value going a long way. We are proud to say that thousands of global clients have slept under our finest linens and fallen in love with our matchless quality. In 2020, we have established as Vidda Royalle to provide you with the most unique luxurious bedding, combining artistic creativity, history and the finest traditions.


Portugal has traditionally been the choice for luxury linen manufacture, with centuries of dedicated artisanship and master craftsmen. Our mission is to provide unique beautiful linens for the most discerning of global clients. We happily stand behind our work, as we are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship, shaped with our luxury trademark of over 40 years of experience.


We are equipped with the most advanced infrastructures, to face any modern challenge and always respond to the highest standards and innovations. From research and development, designing and weaving, sewing and cutting, our manufacture is efficient, sustainable and transparent. We value handmade finishings, careful on-site inspections and luxury endings.

Modern Technologies

We invested in the latest models of looms that are more energy efficient and innovative, allowing the weaving of large designs of 75 cm wide for endless creativity, techniques and the most sophisticated textures, touches and quality.

Highest grade cotton

We use the longest fibre cotton yarns to ensure the softest touch and highest duration. We make collaborations inside the industry to partner with the best finishing experts to add the soft and luxury texture to our linens.

Design Studio and Sampling Department

We have a Sampling Department that works directly with R&D and Design. We have an We have an open-arms policy to welcome artists, designers, stylists and clients to work directly in the field.


Our facilities are equipped to receive small orders and produce the highest advanced bedding quality to our clients. We follow the highest luxury standards and we arrange everything from Design & Development, Production, Finishing, Cut and Sew, Embroidering, Inspection and Packaging. We proudly partner with artisans, craftsmen, designers and artists to work together and add an unparalleled look and feel to our linens.

Quality Inspection and Efficient Warehouse

We have full-time quality inspectors that carefully inspect all pieces, attending to the most rigorous luxury standards worldwide. All pieces are then safely hosted in our efficient warehouse before being prepared to ship to our global clients.


From day one, we are fully engaged with the quality, social, ethical and environmental standards, being certified with Oeko-Tex, BCI, SMETA and GOTS. We support our workers' empowerment and sustainable incomes. We source organic cotton and our linens are made without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Our luxury stand

We combine the finest artisan traditions of sumptuous and elegant bedding with beautiful art from renowned local artists, together with offering unique bespoke services to discerning clients.

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