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We are incredibly proud of our Craftsmanship.

Dedicated centuries of premium artisanship have shaped the luxury trademark of Portugal. Vidda Royalle proudly produces locally for its luxuriousness, legendary legacy and enthusiastic devotion.

We stand behind our work.

Established in 2020 by Teresa Silva, from a family milling firm, producing the finest quality linens for the most prestigious brands since 1979. 

Speciality in the most beautiful Jacquard techniques, where the design is woven into the fabric itself.

At Vidda Royalle, we provide the most unique luxurious bedding for the most discerning of global clients, combining artistic creativity, history and traditions. Simply put, we want to inspire you. And we stand behind our promises.

We collaborate with artists.

With renowned local artists, we aim to bring you culture, new perspectives and symbolisms. You can order our artists' work of arts and masterpieces, or create a bespoke collection just for you, with our artists' design. Each collection supports an artist, a community, a culture and a meaning.

Endless possibilities, not even the sky is our limit. From luxurious bedding, to decoration, jewellery and wall paintings, we will be happy to meet any special wish you may have. 

We are devoted to excellence.

Careful inspection, handmade details and over-delivery in every step. Our goal is to inspire you and deliver the most exquisite and exotic luxury experience. So you expect nothing less than the highest standards.

We want to inspire you.