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One decision at a time, we make a difference.

At Vidda Royalle, we actively look for ways to contribute to a greener world, having as our guide the United Nations sustainable development goals for 2030.


Goal 1 + 8

More than 700 million people, or 10% of the world’s population, still live in extreme poverty and live on less than $1.90 a day. Since 2018, 55% of the world’s population have no access to social protection.

How we contribute

We buy GOTS certified organic cotton from Asia, which we process in Portugal. GOTS-certified producers must meet both environmental and social requirements. They must ensure that employment is freely chosen, working conditions are safe, no child labour is carried out and there are no cases of discrimination or excessive working hours. In addition, we pay fair wages to everyone in our supply chain, as well as offer privileges and health insurance to all of our workers.

We value our workers.

We are highly deeply committed to social responsibility, strictly respecting all principles contained in the United Nations Global Compact, Code of Ethical Trade Initiative and the Conventions of the International Labor Organisation.


Goal 7

More efficient use of energy is crucial for creating sustainable and inclusive communities and for resilience to environmental problems such as climate change. Energy is the main cause of climate change and accounts for around 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

If people around the world switched to energy-efficient light bulbs, it would save US$120 billion annually worldwide.

How we contribute

In our factory, we use energy-efficient light bulbs everywhere across all installations. We implement a process of efficient management of our resources (water, energy, gas emissions, chemicals), raw materials and waste, aiming at an efficient circular economy.

We use Solar Panels.

Recently, we strongly invested in photovoltaic solar panels, allowing us to be more than 30% self-sufficient. It's a proud step we take towards green energy.

We invest in efficient equipment.

In the past two years, we have been replacing our technology to modern looms that much more efficient and friendly to the environment, consuming considerably less energy than older machinery.


Goal 9

The job multiplication effect of the industrialization has a positive impact on society. Each job in manufacturing creates 2.2 jobs in other sectors. Small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in industrial processing and manufacturing are most critical for the early stages of industrialization and are usually the largest job creators. They account for over 90% of business worldwide and between 50 and 60% of employment.

How we contribute

Backed by our small family business in northern Portugal, Vidda Royalle international activity, local cooperation between partners and inside the industry, and support of local artisans, craftsmen, artists and designers, will help withstand the price pressure in the textile industry and contribute to reasonable investments towards efficiency and innovation of the sector.

We promote sustainable industrialisation.

By building a resilient business, we are promoting sustainable and healthy economy across the sector and contributing to growth and innovation in Portugal. We are open and collaborative, with intra and inter-sectorial partnerships along our value chain to make it not only stronger, but better.

Peace, Justice and strong institutions + Climate action

Goal 13 + 16

2.6 billion people are directly dependent on agriculture, but 52% of agricultural land is moderately or severely affected by soil degradation. The loss of arable land is estimated at 30 to 35 times the historical rate. Drought and desertification cause the loss of 12 million hectares of soil annually. 20 million tonnes of cereals could have been grown within one year. 74% of the world’s poor are directly affected by land degradation.

How we contribute

We source organically farmed cotton, where no pesticides, no fertiliser and less water are used in agriculture. Moreover, the arable land does not become impoverished so quickly. Organic cotton is fed 80% with rainwater, which reduces the pressure on local water sources. We measure our ecological impact and footprint and partner with Portuguese reforestation initiatives to offset any carbon emission, giving our clients the possibility of becoming carbon neutral with their collections.

We source ethically.

We are deeply committed to using sustainable raw materials throughout our business. From offering to our clients the highest grade organic cotton, to our organisational culture of equity, transparency and respect, each decision we make helps us sleep a little bit better at night.

We put the planet first.

We are always looking for innovative ways to become even more socially responsible and create a positive impact in our planet. With Vidda Royalle, you are given the choice to become Carbon Neutral, with our partnership with green projects to help reforest Portugal and offset any carbon emissions from the production. Feel clean, sustainable and good about doing the right thing.

We give back.

We partner with non-governmental organisations to donate and help support communities in need. We are proud to count on our clients by our side and help us give back and make a powerful impact to someone's comfort, heart and soul.