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Designed to Impress You.

Flagship Collection


The Challenge

We collaborated with a local artist to create a meaningful collection that would honour the past and celebrate courage, leadership and success.

The Meaning.

This aquarella was inspired by the sense of art and history from Guimarães, the UN World Heritage City. With its grandiose palaces and imposing castles, we have elements of classic nobleness and royalty to remind us of the bravery, determination and courage to succeed.

Where Details Matter.

The calming blues will change as the sun goes down, turning from navy and teal to whiter and silver. But as those colours fade away, our silky napoleonic embroidery will rise and shine. In the end, it will give an astonishing look all day long, where every single detail was thoughtfully imagined to be graceful and elegant.

Fresh, Light and Silky.

With the napoleonic signature, this Sheet Set is light and fresh, with 100% cotton of 600 Thread Counts providing the silkiest texture for endless luxury nights.

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Welcome at home the most delightful luxury nights with these calming blues. It will feel like a breeze of summer.